Home world: Feral World Career path: Guardsmen Rank: 2 (Guard)
Divination: Only in death does duty end
WS: 36 BS: 31 Str: 45 Tough: 40 (100 xp) Agi: 27 Int: 23 Per: 24 WP: 36 Fell: 23
Wounds: 18

Basic Skills
Navigating Surface (Wilderness Savage): Skilled
Survival (Wild Savage): Skilled
Tracking (Wild Savage): Skilled
Swim: Skilled

Advanced Skills
Speak Dialect (Tribal Language): Trained
Speak Language (Low Gothic): Trained
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology)

Sound Con. x3 (300 xp)
True Grit (200 xp)
Jaded (100 xp)
Berzerk Charge (100 xp)
Hatered: Daemons

Weapon Skills
Melee Weapons (Primitive), Basic Weapons (Las, Primitive), Pistol (Primitive)

Iron Stomach (+10 Carouse for nasty food and drink, booze and drugs), Primitive (-10 tech use and -10 fell. rolls in civilized setting), Rite of Passage (Full Action Int. test to stop bleeding), Deamonic Vanquisher (Your tribe, The Pure Ones, teaches you that generations ago a messenger from the Undying One was your people’s salvation. The Unclean Ones, as they were called, threatened to slaughter the pure tribes. Were it not for the messenger and his angels, the Unclean Ones would have succeeded.)



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