A dark-haired young Cleric of the Imperium


Home world: Monastic Upbringing Career Path: Cleric Rank: 2
Divination: In the darkness, follow the light of Terra

Basic Skills
Awareness: Skilled
Inquiry: Skilled
Speak Language (High Gothic)
Literacy: Skilled

Advanced Skills
Speak Language (Low Gothic): Skilled
Common Lore (Imperial Creed): Skilled
Trade (Copyist): Skilled
Trade (Valet): Skilled
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy): Skilled
Trade (Cooking): Skilled

WS: 30, BS: 39, Str: 35, Tou: 32, Agi: 38. Int: 31, Per: 37, WP: 44, Fell: 32
Wounds: 14

Weapon Skills
Primitive Melee
Pistol Solid Projectile
Basic Primitive

Hardy (When removing damage you are always Lightly Wounded)
Sound Constitution x3

Blessed Ignorance( -5 to forbidden lore tests), Sign of the Aquila(Routine WP test to avoid), Superior Origins (+3 WP), Liturgical Familiarity (Literacy, Speak language High Gothic are basic skills),



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